Loving these mommy reviews about Skights!

Mommy bloggers across Canada and the US have been busy writing about Skights Lil' Tights! Nothing makes us happier than real kid-tested and mommy approved reviews. Check these out:

From British Columbia — Learn to Be a Mom
"Even though, it says on the website that this are socks for little boys but I found they work great with my daughter. I would love to see in the future with so many designs for girls. My daughter is potty training right now. I found it is very easy for her to go potty without my help. Because these are socks, she hasn't got to take off her full body tights which is usually very hard to take it off.(Even for me to take it off for her.) I like that it makes my life easier." Read the full review here.


From Calgary — Two Canadians,  One Review
"My first impression was that I wish that these had been around sooner! These would have been so perfect for the kids when they were crawling babies! The quality of these are amazing. They are soft, and they are definitely made with crawling children in mind. I really love the padded knee, and the stay put design didn't bother my son at all. They are obviously put together with love and with the knowledge of how rough little ones can be on their clothing. I was skeptical of the claim that the Lil' tights would stay in place but after putting them on my three year old,  but I have to admit that they stayed on, and he needed my help to take them off. Best of all, my son LOVED them. He told me that they were his "special comfy socks" and that he was going to wear them everywhere once it was cold outside. That is high praise for a child who prefers to run around the house wearing nothing but a diaper!" Read the full review here.


From Ontario — Mommy Time Out
"With the weather we've been having, it is hard to know how to dress our little ones.  Random heat waves, warm weather during the day, cooler weather at night, what is a mom to do?  Is your little one crawling or just learning to walk? Do they spend more time on their knees then on their feet?  Well then say Hello to Skights!  They are the perfect item of clothing that will be a must have for your busy little mover. Skights are a great quality sock.  They are made with cotton, lycra and spandex.  They can be worn with onesies to protect the your LO's knees when they are crawling around the room or underneath clothes to protect them from the crazy weather that we get.  They come in a variety of colours so they can go with a number of different outfits.  I especially love that the knees are padded.  Since wearing skights GM has had fewer bruises on his knees!"  Read the full review here.

From the US — Growing Up Madison
"I bet you're probably wondering what Skights are? Well let me tell you. They're actually tights but better. What do I mean by better? Well tights come fitted all the way over my diaper and makes it so difficult to change when I'm dressed. Not Skights. They really make changing diapers a breeze. They are really thick and comfortable. Perfect for those colder days so little legs can stay warm and toasty." Read the full review here.